Managing Individual Change Program

The program helps individuals within an organization navigate through significant changes that they face. Participants gain insight into their experience and learn personal survival skills needed in these times of constant change. They are also trained to develop action plans that will enable them to successfully grow through times of rapid and significant change. The completion of this program supports successful change implementation for both individuals and organizations.

This modular program is delivered in a half-day format.

Why is Managing Organizational Change for Individuals Important?

  • More than ever organizations are facing unprecedented change, reorganization, downsizing, business process improvements, new technology, new strategies, new people, new rules (support with facts about change)
  • Build a stronger team that his ready to handle anything.
  • Turn change into an opportunity for organizational improvement as well as growth and resilience.

This program will assist individuals in managing transitions within organizations to:

  • Clarify how change differs from transition
  • Outline the three phases of transition and where you are in the process
  • Develop strategies to successfully progress through the phases of transition
  • Handle the transitions caused by change with less disruption and distress in your life and work
  • Learn to effectively manage the impact of constant change

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“Steve sets himself apart from other senior professionals in talent development in two ways: (1) business acumen – he laserbeams in on the key business drivers for the C-suite and knows how to align strategy, vision and resources to support those drivers; (2) objectivity – Steve draws upon diverse outside perspective when consulting with senior leaders. He constructively challenges an organization to think in fresh, productive ways and creates the right environment for people to catalyze change. I found myself continually inspired and challenged by Steve to achieve more than I thought was possible.

Lisa Schumacher – Program Director, Startup Institute & Owner and Founder, Upstart Consultants & Former Senior VP Strategic Accounts, Communispace Corporation & VP Sales and Marketing, WisdomTools