org-changeManaging Organizational Change Program

The program helps leaders and managers within an organization to navigate through significant changes that they face. Participants gain clarity about their experience and learn personal survival skills needed in times of constant change. This program also provides the knowledge and skills required to renew people’s creativity and commitment so that the organization can implement its changes successfully.

This modular program is available in either a full day or two half days format.

Why is Managing Organizational Change for Leaders and Managers Important?

  • More than ever organizations are facing unprecedented change, reorganization, downsizing, business process improvements, new technology, new strategies, new people, new rules (support with facts about change)
  • Changes are planned with little consideration as to how people will experience them.
  • When people cannot transition successfully, the organization will not achieve their goals.
  • The program is designed to help everyone in an organization to learn how to navigate through significant changes.
  • Provides skills to renew creativity and commitment to effectively implement change.
  • Effectively manage transition within your organization for lasting positive outcomes.

This program is designed to:

  • Distinguish the difference between managing change and facilitating transition.
  • Introduce the three-phase transition process, where people are in the process and coach them to manage their transitions.
  • Implement effective strategies to:
    • Help others through the Ending phase
    • Lead others through the Neutral zone
    • Support and reinforce New Beginning
  • Prepare for coaching conversations that determine where people are in their transition and how to move them forward.

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Steve helped lead the change and transformation of TVA from a siloed organization into a team focused on delivering low cost, reliable energy rates to our customers. He was instrumental in leading and developing the framework to measure and improve our organizational health.

Bob Irvin – Director of Strategy & Former Senior VP of Strategy/Planning, Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA)