Dr. Steve McMillen

Dr. Steve McMillen

Developing Leaders at All Levels

Effective leaders are at the heart of any organization, setting the pulse for accelerating business performance, achieving results and inspiring others. Their strategies are aligned with company priorities and strategic objectives. These leaders embrace change, engage with their teams and build a culture of innovation and operational excellence.

How do you prepare your leaders for this type of success?

We work with executives to provide insight that enables them to lead with purpose. Our solutions are based on your organizational goals and your leadership’s vision. We equip you to implement strategies that fit with your culture, values and objectives and that deliver measureable results for long-term success. What outcomes can you expect? Our Coaching Services will prepare you to:

  • Achieve sustainable, breakthrough results
  • Draw on the collective intelligence to confront complex challenges
  • Engage and inspire teams around shared goals
  • Develop a pipeline of high-potential performers and retain top talent

Talk with SMC Leadership today to learn how to get started. Explore our blog for practical insight on how to lead with confidence.

“Several years ago I decided that I had to make some major changes on my senior management team, recruit new talent and upgrade my leadership development programs. To do this I needed an individual who could help us evaluate the quality of the current team as well as prospective team members. After a lengthy search we found Steve, who immediately raised the quality of everything we did around human capital. He helped coach and give me the insight on where changes needed to be made and became an instant resource for senior management in evaluating management at all levels. The 360 reviews that he led gave all us valuable data on our development. Steve has the skill and experience to help you get ‘the right people on the bus in the right seats’.”

Greg Burns – Board Member, Pinnacle Financial Partners & Former Chairman and CEO, O’Charley’s Inc.