Executive Coaching

exec-coachingCultivating Leaders to Achieve Greatness

Your organization’s talent is essential for producing results. Developing leaders that can support and elevate their teams to achieve those results is vital to your success. Are your leaders able to work with and through others to achieve organizational goals? While business competence has advanced the careers of executives, it takes more than that to develop leaders. At SMC Leadership, we deliver one-on-one coaching engagements customized to meet individual needs, roles and business objectives.

SMC Leadership uses a proven, systematic coaching process aligned with strategic business targets to help your executives thrive within their environment. Each organization is unique with its own culture and set of talents, strengths and limitations, and strategic goals. That’s why SMC Leadership customizes its coaching solutions to fit the distinct needs and desired outcomes that will enable your leaders to excel.

Our coaching solutions center on a simple, practical and actionable approach. We focus on developing new skills and behaviors, and we leverage research-based assessments and other specialized tools and resources to make the experience relevant. We establish milestones to measure progress and identify specific endpoints. Throughout the process, we emphasize building self-sufficiency and sustainability to ensure ongoing progress and success.

Overview of Executive Coaching Approach:

  • Coaching Fit Conversation
  • Coaching Orientation Meeting
  • Assessments/360 Interviews/Report Preparation
  • Conduct confidential 360 one-hour interviews with direct reports, peers, key stakeholders and manager
  • 1:1 Comprehensive Feedback/Action Planning Session
  • Manager Alignment “Check-In”
  • 1:1 Coaching Sessions
  • Evaluation/Reassessment/Feedback Session
  • Observation Sessions

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“Steve functioned as a leadership development/career coach for me while I was in a leadership role at one of Hillenbrand Industries’ subsidiaries. He was one of the most impactful individuals relative to my development – and prepared me well for my new role as a company president. I highly recommend Steve.

Chris Burke – Founder and Managing Partner, Viridian Insight & Former CEO/President, American Medical Association Insurance Company