Team Coaching

Having high performance teams within your organization impacts your ability to reach your goals and achieve bottom-line results. For teams to be effective, they need shared values and a clear vision to focus their effects and benefit from each other’s expertise. Within these teams, roles and responsibilities are clearly defined, and they establish a framework to address how to make decisions and resolve conflicts.

Within these successful teams, members build on the foundation of trust and hold each other accountable for the impact of their actions. They are also adept communicators that keep an open approach to other members’ ideas.

At SMC Leadership, we help teams reach a higher level of performance, building cohesion, trust and effectiveness. We focus on aligning your teams with strategic company objectives, so they can deliver bottom-line results. We work with to develop team engagement, facilitating the group and helping build the skills needed to deliver desired outcomes.

At SMC Leadership, we can help your teams to:

  • Align with your organization’s strategy and define the team’s mission, values, and goals
  • Build a team culture based on trust and collaboration
  • Develop a framework for decision-making
  • Foster communication and enhance collaboration skills
  • Create action plans or coaching engagements for individuals to improve overall effectiveness

Let SMC Leadership help your teams break through barriers to achieve high-performance results.

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“I had the privilege to work closely with Steve as an executive at both the Hill-Rom and Batesville Casket organizations and he served as an extremely effective coach and helped me to create and execute my individual development plan. His professional advice and assistance was outstanding. Steve is a brilliant individual that really understands talent and what it takes to create high performance teams. He is an extremely effective leader and delivers exceptional results.

Don Maier – CEO, Armstrong Industries Flooring Products and Armstrong Industries Worldwide